Gus’ Red Hots

Fesette Realty is pleased to announce the purchase of beloved landmark restaurant, Gus’ Red Hots, by locals, Rob Steele and his wife, Jennette.
They aim to carry on the legacy left by the previous owners, the Lambrinos family.

Rob and Jennette have a tentative opening date of late April to early May.

While they intend to preserve the character of Gus’, they also aspire to add:

-A large front deck for outdoor seating
-A side quick serve snack shack for food and ice cream with seating
-New add-ons to the current menu along with specials

Rob and Jennette hope to cater to not only the local community, but those getting off the ferry looking for breakfast or lunch, beachgoers, and campers.

Principal broker and owner, Neil Fesette, said, “I’m so excited for Rob and Jennette as they prepare for their grand opening of Gus’ Red Hots. The Lambrinos, Larios and Nifros family did an amazing job at Gus’ over the past 70 years. Rob and Jennette plan to continue Gus’ tradition and make some improvements to their restaurant that I’m sure will be enjoyed for many years to come.

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