2nd Quarter Market Update, 2018

At the half year mark for 2018, the residential real estate sales volume in Clinton County is stable with this same time period in 2017. Sales of single family homes, condos and townhouses were $36,805,000; compared to $38,231,000 in 2017 at the midpoint. 252 homes were sold vs. 259 in 2017, and the average house price was $146,052 this year vs. $147,611 at the same time last year.

In Essex County, year-to-date residential real estate sales are $47,658,000 vs $43,294,000 in 2017. More homes were sold–156 vs. 147 units–with the average sales price at $305,500 vs. $294,514 in 2017 at the midpoint of the year.

In Franklin County residential sales to date were lower at $18,064,000 vs $21,796,000 in 2017 at this point. 139 homes were sold this year to date vs.135 at mid-year 2017, and the average sale price at the end of June was $129,959 vs. $161,455 at the same point in 2017.

Home inventory is low, so if you are thinking of selling your house, contact us for a free market evaluation.

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