2018 Real Estate Market Update

Here’s a recap of the local real estate market in 2018.  The bottom line: now is THE TIME to sell, especially in Clinton County.  Read on for more details.

Clinton County

2018 was another successful year for real estate sales in Clinton County. The final total for residential sales was $98,228,00 (12% increase).  A total of 632 homes were sold, an increase of 29 over 2017. Finally, the average sales price of a home in Clinton County was up 7% to $156,400. With houses continuing to sell more quickly and at a higher average sales price, we are still experiencing a seller’s market.

Essex County

In Essex County, 349 homes were sold in 2018, only 6 more than 2017, but residential sales dollars were up 24% to $117,763,000.  The average sale price increased from $275,900 to $337,400 in 2018 (22% increase).

Franklin County

In Franklin County, the 2018 residential sales total was $46,611,000 (23% decrease from 2017). There were 318 homes sold, 21 fewer homes than 2017, and at a 18% lower average sales price of $146,576.  2017 was an exceptionally strong year for real estate in Franklin County; 2018 sales volume is on par with 2016 figures of $46,405,000.


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