1st Quarter Market Update, 2017

Real estate sales in Clinton County in the first quarter of 2017 were lower than the records set in 2016, but more in line with figures from 2015. While early 2016 was an extremely mild winter and home sales were strong, this year saw a blizzard and other bad weather that likely contributed to lower sales. Sales were at $13.6 million – down 15.8% from 2016 – but higher than the $11.4 million first quarter sales volume in 2015. The lack of new inventory may also have had a marginal effect on the market during the first quarter.

In Essex County, the first quarter started off 16% higher than last year, with sales volume at $23.5 million.  The increase is due to a handful of higher priced properties that sold this quarter, since the number of properties sold is only up one at 65 vs 64 in 2016.

Franklin County ended the quarter with $6.4 million in sales volume, lower than last year’s record, but substantially better than the $3.9 million sales volume from 2015.  The average price of a home was $127,327 with 50 homes sold in the quarter.

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